Some Men

Just a Juxtaposition; Just American men in a couple of different locations, costumes, contexts. One is some guys at a meeting of the Economic Club, and the other of some guys marketing underwear at the Gay Pride Day event.

Ravens Collect Themselves

Ravens, typically solitary or in mated pairs, become gregarious in the fall when they mass together to start their southern migration.

An Unkindness of Ravens

Color Casts

In olden days shooting daylight film at night produced slides or negatives with pronounced color cast. I titled this 1982 Kodachrome cityscape from Hamlet, North Carolina, "Hamlet Under Vapors of Mercury", but I'm not certain that mercury vapor lights cause the overwhelming green, or if they were sodium vapor or even flourescent lights.

Hamlet North Carolina 1982      Hamlet Under Vapors of Mercury

Hamlet North Carolina 1982      Hamlet Under Vapors of Mercury

Seeing More Foliage Differently

It's October 15 and the big winds have yet to strip the hardwoods, the leaves continue to die brilliantly; I take time, between tilling the garden and climbing on the roof to clean the chimneys, to use my picture-making machine as a broom, sweeping up the color.


Leaf Sweep